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Where do you go if you are new to the growing trend of entrepreneurship, upstart business, and self-employment? If you are looking to properly establish and or grow your business, you have come to the right place! The journey to business ownership requires a lot of hard work and many businesses end up failing due to poor planning and a foundation that isn't stable. Though there are never any guarantees. If your business survives, the rewards of entrepreneurship are well worth the obstacles you will face on the road to success. The EZRA Group (TEG) Business-In-A-Box provides the guidance you need to establish and/or expand your business! 

About Us:

The EZRA Group (TEG) Business-In-A-Box is a customized one-stop-shop that helps Entrepreneurs and Start-ups take the guesswork out of Setting Up, Running, Growing and Protecting their business. Regardless of the product or services you are offering, there are basic steps and procedures that should be adhered to. We provide the structure and framework to our clients with personalized quality services that make it easier for small businesses to become established. 

Our Mision:

Our company was founded with the goal of assisting Entrepreneurs and Start-ups to realize their full potential by providing the template to a solid foundation out of the gate while respecting the interests and goals of each party.


This is the complete solution customarily created to fit the parameters of your business to ensure a stable foundation to support the growth and expansion of Your Business! 


The Architects of Your Business Foundation!


Our services will help you to set-up, run, grow and protect your business!

This is a complete solution, created to custom fit your business and make everything work together perfectly. Our managed services mean that you don’t have to think about it.


With TEG, your business is Structured, Organized and Efficient!


Business Protection

  • Incorporation & Tax ID 

  • Small Business Legal Plan

  • Business Identity Protection

  • Asset Protection

Financial Planning

  • Business Banking 

  • Book Keeping

  • Payment Processing 

  • Annual Tax Compliance 

  • Business Credit

  • Credit Restoration


  • Landing Page

  • Website Builder

  • Domain 

  • Logo

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

Business Expansion

  • Administrative Services

  • Book Keeping

  • Payment Processing 

  • Annual Tax Compliance 

  • Business Credit

  • Credit Restoration


It's Simple As...

Pick Your Services:

Contact us. We'll help you choose from one of our fully organized and affordable services.

We set up everything:
Relax, your business is on its way.

You're officially a 
Business Owner.


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